DaysinComics.com gathers information about days and events in the comics world. It is a website for comics lovers all around the world. The web aims at offering a calendar of days celebrated to observe superheroes and comic characters such as Batman Day, Spiderman Day, Superman Day and others. The website also provides articles and guides for celebrating these days in your city or country.

We at DaysinComics.com, have prepared several guides on celebrating Batman Day, observing this in UK, USA, Australia and in different cities such as Chicago, Houston, London and Melbourne. Soon we will prepare guides about Superman Day and Spiderman Day and other superheroes in comics.

Although, there are many websites that offer calendar of days in comics. However, we are the onliest at this time with utter focus on days celebrated in the comic world.

Stay tuned with us for getting updates on your favorite superhero day for your city, town or country.

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