Each time Batman Day comes with lots of fun activities for kids. Teens can download the kit themselves however for younger kids, parents have to take care of this. DC Entertainment offers a free activity kit that anyone can download for free.

Batman Day Activity Kit 2019


Where to download the kit?

Every year in September, as the Batman Day comes closer, DC Entertainment prepares a digital batman-themed activity kit. DC along its partners that are HarperCollins, Scholastic, Penguin Random House and others design the kit. The kit includes action-packed batman drawing books, coloring pages, trivia, word scrambles, mazes and much more! You can download this batman day kit from the DC here.


What’s more to do?

There are loads of activities and events to attend on Batman Day. We gathered list of events for major cities and countries such as Batman Day in USA, Chicago, Houston and San Antonio.

Events in Other Countries:


You can also find cool tips on celebrating the Batman Day as well as shopping deals for the day.