As with the Batman Day celebrations around the world, Australia is no exception as there are events planned to coordinate with the two days set aside to honor the caped crusader. This is because 2021 marks the 82nd anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in which he became instantly popular and has never looked back.

For Australians who love the adventures of Batman, Sep 18 is the day chosen for the traditional Batman Day this year. Batman Day has generally been celebrated in the month of September.


Celebrations and Activities

While most of the activities on this day will center in the US, there will be plenty for Australians to celebrate on this day. Most notably, DC will release a special, collectors-edition Detective Comics #1000 which will highlight this remarkable day. Plus, there will be a new book that collects the early comics of Batman from his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. The book will allow younger readers to view the exploits of the caped crusader without having to pay for the expensive comics from that time.

In addition, local comic shops and centers across Australia may hold gatherings and celebrations on this day marking the anniversary. You will need to check with your local community to see if any events are scheduled in your area. There is no doubt that DC itself may offer specials or other comics for sale that you may take advantage during this time.

In-between the two Batman Days will be more presentations of Batman in various forms. The animated and live-action series, along with his old serials and movies will be more available as the 82nd anniversary is being celebrated.

September 18th, 2021

The traditional Batman Day in Australia will bear a strong resemblance to the celebrations being held around the world at the same time. There will be many local communities, focused mainly in comic shops, that will have celebrations planned so people can dress up and talk about their favorite caped crusader.

In addition, Madame Tussauds in Sydney, Australia will host an interactive fan experience and photo ops for fans to be with Batman. This means that you can dress up as Batman and then visit his wax statue at Madame Tussauds all at the same time. For many, this will be a great treat to interact with the legend of Batman all while having a great time.

For those around Australian, the two Batman Days will be something to remember. The sight of many people gathered together wearing Batman gear will no doubt be impressive. But what is even more impressive is the durability of Batman as the hero. What started as a relatively simple character based in many was on Zorro has become a powerful image of justice. The 82nd anniversary of the caped crusader promised many events on each day and those in-between to celebrate all things Batman.