One of the most iconic images in all of comics is the Batman bat signal projector. A beacon that calls the Caped Crusader into Gotham City, the projector can now be yours thanks to the several products on the market. Or you can create your own.

What follows are six products you can purchase online and step-by-step instructions on how to create your own homemade bat signal light.


Top 6 Batman Signal Projectors to Buy Online

For those who love Batman or parents of children who love the Caped Crusader, there are many Bat-Signal and wall sign projects available. What follows are six excellent products that may work perfectly for your needs.

1. DC Batman Collectors Set:

Based on the famous “Batman: The Animated Series, this set features both the Batman and Robin action figures along with the bat signal. You may notice the rather steep price, but this is a three-part collector’s set. The figures are based on the animated series and the bat signal does work. You will need to supply your own batteries for the Batman bat signal projector light, which is a little disappointing but otherwise, this collector’s set is remarkably faithful to the famous animated version.

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2. Batman: Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal:

As the name indicates, this is a 5” tall replica of the Bat-Signal which is crafted in metal materials and not plastic. The LED lights up and provides up to 20’ in projection. This means that you can easily project this Batman light projector on the wall of your bedroom or any other room. Plus, the signal has a 360-degree rotating base that lets you aim the projector where you want. Finally, you can enjoy the 48-page hardcover book that offers full-color illustrations along with tales of the Batman and the Bat-Signal.

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3. Batman Bat Signal Projection Light LED Table Lamp:

If you are a fan of Batman, then this Bat-Signal is for you. Measuring 4 ¾” long x 3 ½” wide x 3 ½” tall, this is the perfect table lamp for your bedroom, living room, or any room where you want to signal Batman. It plugs straight into the wall and will project the signal several feet away with no issue. This is the perfect Batman signal projector thanks to its compact design.

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4. Trends International Batman Projector Pen:

If you want to signal Batman from anywhere, then this pen-sized flashlight may do the trick. At just 7.6” long x 2.9” in diameter, this remarkable device is both a Bat Signal and a ballpoint pen. You can use it to write what you need, but when you hold the button down it will shine allowing it to project the Bat logo on the wall. It’s also quite inexpensive for what it does.

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5. Batman Sign LED Light:

If you do not want a Batman bat signal projector light but want to have the Batman logo on your wall, then this sign may work for you. Simply hang it on your wall, plug it into the outlet, and let the 16 different LED light combinations inside illuminate your wall as if the Bat Signal is being used. This package comes with the light, remote control, and 12 V adaptor. You can even select a personalized option that allows the light to be customized with your name or word that you want.

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6. Batman Dark Knight LED Light Sign:

This simple, elegant sign glows in a neon blue and shines beautifully on your wall. Although not a Batman bat signal projector, it is the famous Batman logo that lights up and can be placed in your bedroom, living room, or any room. The sign itself is easy to assemble and provides many hours of enjoyment for a relatively low price.

These are just a few of the many Batman signal projectors and wall signs on the market. But that is not your only option if you want to have one in your home.

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Creating Your Own Bat Signal

If you do not want to purchase a Batman signal projector, you can make one of your own if you have the right tools and items. Doing it yourself means that you can choose the size and illumination of the Batman bat signal projector light. Just be sure to maintain the integrity of the electrical connections when assembling the product.

To know how to make a Batman projector, you will need to get the following.

  • Cardboard Pipe: Roughly 30 centimeters long
  • Spray Contact Glue & Wood Glue
  • Eva Foam: From 3mm to 5mm thick
  • Medium Wood: 6mm thick
  • Sintra PVC
  • Cleat & Stick Wood

You will also need a saw, preferably a table saw or Trio Dremel will do. In addition, you will need a few clamps to keep the items in place. A couple of trigger clamps should work nicely. Now you are ready to begin.

Cardboard Pipe: While it needs to be roughly 30 cm long, it can be of the width you desire to create as large a Batman Light Projector as needed.

Cut Wood Circles: You can use the Trio Dremel saw which works quickly and easily. You will need to measure the external and internal diameter of the pipe.

  • Cut 1 Circle to Match the External Diameter Size
  • Cut 1 Circle to Match the Internal Diameter Size

Glue the larger circle to the cardboard pipe with wood glue and let it sit for 24 hours. Once the glue is dry, glue the smaller circle inside the cardboard pipe. Then place a piece of wood between the two circles to maintain proper spacing. What you should have at this point is three circles stacked in layers like a cake with the top being the smallest.

Cut 4 Pieces of Wood: Make sure they are as thick as the distance between the second ring and the bottom of the cardboard pipe. They will create a “U” shape that extends up and outward from the circles. The U will be the support for the lamp itself which will be contained inside the cardboard tube.

Add EVA Foam: Spray the cardboard pipe with contact glue and add a strip of EVA foam. The foam should be equal in size to both the perimeter and height of the cardboard pipe. Essentially, you are adding an outer layer of foam to the pipe.

Let the glue dry and set. Now you are ready to add as many details as you want to the outside of the Bat-Light. This means that you can add items that bring light to life. You can use contact, hot, or Superglue to add the details, just be careful not to get it in contact with your skin.

Create the Bat Logo: Use the Sintra PVC to create a Bat-Logo for your lamp. You can now set the logo on top of the lamp and secure it with transparent PVC.

Socket & Bulb: All you need to do now is install the socket at the bottom of the lamp, cut a hole for the electrical cord, and secure it in place.

You can paint the outside of the lamp so that it looks like the Batman bat signal projector.



What Kind of Light is the Bat Signal?

You can use different types of lights, but the LED works best. It generates little heat no matter the illumination. You’ll need at least 50 lumens up to 150 to make it work properly.

How do I Create a Bat Signal in Photoshop?

If you are familiar with photoshop, you can simply cut out the shape of the signal itself or apply it from another source. Use a transparent background and place it on top of whatever design you want.

Is It Possible to Make a Bat Signal?

Yes, you can make a Batman light projector. You can follow the instructions as noted above.

Where Do You Light Up a Bat Signal?

Depending on the type of Bat Signal you choose, you can light it up anywhere you want. From larger projectors that you can use in the home to flashlight versions to signal your children, friends, and co-workers, you can pick the time and place to show the Bat-Signal.

What does the Bat Symbolize in Batman?

For Bruce Wayne, the bat symbolizes fear for the criminals that he stalks. It also reminds him of the death of his parents and the guilt he feels as well.

How do You Make a Bat Signal with a Flashlight?

You can make a homemade bat signal light with a flashlight, a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll, some masking or painter’s tape, and a bat cutout placed at the end.

You have many options when it comes to purchasing or creating a Batman signal projector. Be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.