Like many other countries, France also celebrates Batman Day every year. French kids and teens across the country look wearing batman helmet and dress. The day is observed in accordance with DC Comics – usually in the month of September each year. This post is all about marking Batman Day in France. Let’s read on.


When is Batman Day in France?

Saturday September 18th, 2021


France will mark Batman Day 2021 on Sep 18 in accordance with DC Comics. The day will be celebrated in all major French cities including Paris, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Île-de-France, Corsica, Lorraine, Upper Normandy, Alsace, Picardy and Rhone Alpes. In order to mark the day, there would be parties, celebrations, events, fun activities and a lot more.

French streets shall be filled with teens wearing batman dresses, gathering together, playing games and having fun in various ways. Offices would sight people in batman costumes. Similarly, schools and colleges will be welcoming students in the same manner.

It should be remembered that France is one of the countries with highest number of batman fans. It is anticipated that activities and events to mark the Batman Day would be notable in France.



  1. Watch your favorite Batman episodes.
  2. Get a collection of Batman comic books beforehand and enjoy reading them on the upcoming Batman Day 2019.
  3. Shopping batman stuff from your nearby store such as Playstation and Album Comics
  4. Having gathered with other teens and enjoying foods and fun
  5. Arranging batman-themed parties
  6. Photo sessions
  7. Playing games in batman costumes
  8. Enacting famous scenes from any batman movie
  9. Holding a batman event in your city in France – If you are capable of holding an event, it is also of great fun to hold an event yourself. Don’t forget to add value added attractions related to the superhero, create a Facebook page and event, market it, invite people and have extra-ordinary fun.

Find out more ideas about celebrating the Batman Day.



Coming up – as any Batman related events are finalized in France, we will update it here.


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