Ireland shows lots of love to Batman – our fictional superhero. This is one of the regions from Europe to have big number of Batman fans. People from every age group and walk of life, express their zeal toward the superhero. Like many other countries, Batman Day is celebrated in Ireland in full swing. Following in this blog, we have described about events, celebration and activities to mark the day.


When is Batman Day in Ireland?

September 18


In Ireland, Batman Day 2021 will be celebrated on Sep 18th. Teenagers wait long for this day as it comes with lots of fun activities. The day is marked with playing games, reading comic books, watching batman super hits, dressing up like batman and so on. You could see teens in batman gear marching on Dublin and other cities of the island.




  1. Watching Batman signal lightening.
  2. Wearing batman gear the whole day.
  3. Having selfie sessions with other kids.
  4. Visiting comic shops such as Littlewoods or EMP and shop batman stuff.
  5. Hosting watch parties with friends and enjoying famous episodes of batman.
  6. Telling stories to kids from batman comic books.
  7. Organizing batman themed parties for all kids in your neighborhood.
  8. Attending relevant events, seminars and arts activities nearby.
  9. Participating in fun activities that feature Batman – The fictional superhero

Here are more ideas to celebrate Batman Day in general.



1. An Evening With : Kevin Conroy

Date/Time: Friday Oct 18 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Venue: Liberty Panto
Address: 1 Eden Quay, North City, Dublin 1, Ireland

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