Howdy, Los Angeles folks, let’s celebrate the upcoming Batman Day. In this post, we are going to discuss all Batman Day 2023 specifically in LA. We will tell you the date it is falling on, events and activities.


When is Batman Day in Los Angeles?

Saturday, September 16th


A Word About Batman

Batman – The famous superhero is a love for many. Observing Batman Day is a way to recall the hero, remember his great action, his movies, and all things that inspired us. Batman was introduced by DC Comics in 1939. In many comics and action movies, Batman was the character who saved many. In particular, he was the action guy to protect the Gotham (a fictional city in comic publications and movies by DC Comics).

There are lots of movies, cartoons and books that feature Batman. Fans from Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York and all across the US celebrate Batman Day every year (usually in September). This year, it is being observed on 16th day of September.



  • Schools would arrange activities asking students to wear Batman attire and stage several plays from famous Batman movies.
  • Batman lightning will be conducted in major cities across USA.
  • Batman themed parties will be organized.
  • Games, music and group selfies will be taken while dressing up like Batman.
  • Shopping your favorite Batman stuff.
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Learn more about celebrating Batman Day.


Events (2019)

  1. Batman Day in Los Angeles
    The earliest event related to Batman Day is taking place on September 13.
    Date: Sep 13, 2019 (Friday)
    Time: 1530 hours
    Venue: Cahuenga Branch Library
    Address: 4591, Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles California


  1. Batman Day
    Date: Sep 21, 2019 (Saturday)
    Time: 1400 hours
    Venue: The Grove
    Address: The Grove DR, Los Angeles California


  1. Batman Day at The Library
    Date: Sep 21, 2019 (Saturday)
    Time: 1400 hours
    Venue: East Los Angeles Library
    Address: 4837 E 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA 90022
    Audience: Teenagers
    Activities: Games, Arts


  1. Batman 80th Anniversary
    Date: Sep 28, 2019 (Saturday)
    Time: 1305 hours
    Venue: Oracle Park