You are here because you like superheroes such as Batman. The famous character was introduced by DC Comics in 1939, and to this day, it is enchanting all of us. Mexico is also the country to remember the hero every year. Along with many other countries, Batman Day is celebrated in Mexico as well. Following, we will tell you where and how to participate in relevant activities and events.


Batman Day 2023 in Mexico will be observed on Saturday, September 16th.


Batman Celebrations in Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries that have a big number of comic lovers. A sizable number of kids and adults love batman and dedicate the whole day to the superhero. Batman Day celebrations take place in all major cities of Mexico including Querétaro, Guanajuato, State of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Baja California, Veracruz, and many others.



List of Activities

Activities to mark the day include all traditional activities supported by DC Comics. These include mainly reading and telling stories, watching one’s favorite episodes of Batman cartoons and movies, having batman themed parties, and putting on batman special attire. Following is a list of activities which will help you remark the day in its full essence:

Dressing up as Batman –

adults can go to their work wearing the special dress of batman whereas teens can attend their schools or colleges in the same batman attire if allowed by their principals.

Reading – 

both adults and kids can read comic books of batman. In fact, this year DC has introduced two new batman books especially to remark the 80th birthday of the superhero. These books are:

1. Detective Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition (Authored by Peter Tomasi)

2. Detective Comics: 80 Years of The Batman The Deluxe Edition (Illustrated by Jim Lee) 

Storytelling –

you can also tell stories from comic books or movies to younger kids. Tell them how Batman defended the Gotham city and about his major achievements.

Saying and Sharing Batman Quotes –

There are lots of famous quotes said by Batman, such as:


State, share or dedicate your favorite quote to your friends and family members.

See full collection of Batman Quotes.


Batman Themed Parties –

have in-house fun by arranging parties with a batman theme. Invite your friends and family members to participate in.

Watching Movies –

watch famous batman movies and cartoons with the whole family.

Games –

another way to enjoy the day is to hold gaming activities and participate with the invitees. Games should be themed as batman; one example is racing in batman dress.



There are no public events announced as yet. If there comes any, we’ll update it here.