Batman mesmerism has also taken over the people of Peru. The teens and adults from this South American country love Batman as much as fans from other countries do. Likewise the world, Peru celebrate Batman Day every year in the month of September. Find more details about observing the upcoming Bat-man day in 2021.


When is Batman Day in Peru?

Saturday, September 18th, 2021


The people of Peru will be observing Batman Day this year on Sep 18, as DC Comics has announced. Almost all across Peru, batman is a favorite character of folks from every age group. That’s why every year, Batman Day is celebrated in major cities including Tacna, Callao, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Moquegua, Lambayeque, Piura, and La Libertad. There will be lots of fun activities as part of the superhero celebrations.


Activities to Mark the Day

Kids and teens celebrate the day in full swing. If you are looking for possible activities to mark Batman Day, the following is a list for the same.

  1. You guys can gather together to watch a super hit of batman series.
  2. Dress up as batman for your school or college.
  3. Going shopping – visit your nearest comic store to buy some cool batman stuff.
  4. Hold a wonderful kids party with a batman theme – all invitees are instructed to attend in batman costume and helmet.
  5. Hold or participate in batman themed games.
  6. Read the latest comic books on batman.
  7. Take selfies with friends.
  8. Update your social statuses related to batman day.
  9. Check for batman related events near you and attend them with your friends’ company.

Here is another guide that tells you 3 cool ways to celebrate Batman Day.



Coming up – as any Batman-related events are finalized in Peru, we will update it here.


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