The Philippines is one of the Asian countries with the biggest number of batman fans. From teenagers to adults, regardless of gender, Filipinos love to watch batman movies and read batman comic books. Like many other countries, Batman Day is celebrated in the Philippines as well. Let’s find out more about observing Bat-man day in the Republic of the Philippines.


When is Batman Day in the Philippines?

Saturday, September 18th, 2021


Filipinos shall mark Batman Day on Sep 19th as per DC Comics’ announcement. The capital city, Manila will hold various events and activities. Whereas folks would celebrate the day on their own in other cities. The day would be marked in Manila city, Metro Manila, Calabarzon, Western Visayas, Central Luzon, Northern Mindanao, Cagayan Valley, and MIMAROPA.

Filipino teens and also adults watch batman as their most favorite superhero. Robert Pattinson and batman vs ninja turtles are the favorites in the Philippines in this regard.


Activities to Mark the Day

The whole world remembers the action of the superhero, the Gotham’s defender – Batman. Similar to that, teenagers and their parents also arrange certain activities to make Batman Day meaningful. Some of the activities, one can enjoy are as follows:

  1. Gather with friends, march on the streets in batman costumes and helmets.
  2. Take memorable photos with friends while wearing special batman attire.
  3. Enjoy batman theme parties.
  4. Attend events that feature batman day.
  5. Participate in games. You can also hold contests for the teens around.
  6. If you are a parent, take your kids to a comic store and buy them their favorite batman stuff.

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1- DC Batman 80th Anniversary Night Run the Philippines

5 KM Night Run

Date/Time: Sat, Dec 14, 12 AM
Venue: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Registration and other details can be found here.



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