US is the country with maximum fans of Batman. All the DC comics series are watched keenly in USA. Among all superheroes fiction characters, Batman is the most popular one all over the country. Not only teenagers but adults also love Batman. September 18th will be the Batman Day observation in the US in 2021.



Batman Day is celebrated in the month of September every year. However, it is important to know that the character was introduced on 1st May 1939 by Detective Comics. And since then it is one of the most famous characters of comic lovers. The exact date to observe Batman Day is announced by DC every year. So goes this time. For this year, DC announced on through their website DCComicsNews that this time, Batman Day celebrations will be bigger than ever.



There are certain activities that take place every year on Batman Day. However, this time DC planned exclusive activities to mark the day. These activities include reading Batman, experiencing Batman, photo sessions, lightning Batman signal, music, games, and racing, etc.

1. Reading

Reading activity is focused as two new Batman Books have been released by DC this year. These books are as follows:

  1. Detective Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition – Peter Tomasi
  2. Detective Comics: 80 Years of The Batman The Deluxe Edition – Jim Lee


2. Experiencing Batman

This activity involves wearing Batman attire and participate in batman themed games.


3. Misc. Others

Other activities include having music, photo sessions, observing batman lightning, gathering with other fans and joining batman related programs.



Many events will take place regarding Batman Day across the US. As their dates and venues are finalized, we will update them here.


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